3 Best Affiliate Tools to spy on The Competition 3 Best Affiliate Tools to spy on The Competition

3 Best Affiliate Tools to spy on The Competition

Find our experts’ hottest recommendations for the affiliate marketing tools that will help you spy on your biggest rivals!

Ever wanted to know what worked best for your competition when targeting a specific GEO or target audience online? Not sure if your running campaigns are currently up to par? If only there were tools that could give you these powerful insights and give you the upper hand in your niche.

But, wait.

There are, in fact, tools that can assist you in spying on competitors without getting caught – and the process is legal. These tools are designed to get you the information you need by searching and finding the best-performing ads your competitors are running right now. While it may not give you every little detail, it will provide you with a sense of what works best for your target audience based on characteristics like gender, age, GEO location, date range, etc.

Find your next best tool and receive insights on your competition’s best ads below!


First up is none other than the popular tool by Adbeat.

Our first crowd favorite is the Adbeat spy tool, which allows you to view the digital marketing strategy of other marketing powerhouses. This tool can also share information regarding the advertiser’s mobile performance on a variety of different handheld devices. The latter include tablets, Android and iOS powered smartphones, etc.

Adbeat offers a spy tool that can help you become a wiser affiliate marketer. With its comprehensive databases, this affiliate tool is able to provide you with top-performing ads and ad copy. No longer will you have to stumble in the dark, unsure of what might work best with your specific target audience.

The app is connected to some of the most popular ad networks, such as Google Display Network, Adsonar, Pulse 360, and DoubleClick. There are two packages, where the standard subscription costs $249 and the advanced costs $399.

“There are, in fact, tools that can assist you in spying on competitors without getting caught – and the process is legal.”


Find the right spy tool to enjoy your best results yet.

Third on our list is Adplexity, the only app on the market that provides a truly comprehensive analysis that covers mobile, desktop, and native-related performance. It is also the only service provider that tracks mobile ad campaigns on mobile web, android apps, redirects, and popups.

Adplexity’s true advantage is uncovering campaigns that run on carrier traffic in major countries and less competitive countries around the world alike. Need another reason to join their service? The app delivers your search results with split-second speed. The best part is that you can also use filters to find ads for affiliate offers. Cha-ching!

This affiliate tool will also tell you how long a campaign has been running, which landing pages were used, and so much more valuable information for the comfortable price of $199.


With so many spy tools on the market, make sure you choose the right one for you.

Last one for today: Anstrex, the native spy tool.

This app targets landing pages specifically and enables you to get the full 411 on them. Anstrex can quickly deliver a full-scale report of how long the page has been running, which platforms it was shared on, and so on. The app further offers a variety of filters, so that you can find the best performing ads worldwide.

These filters include ad strength, Alexa rank, days running time, and gravity, which attest to the health of any campaign. This way, you will have every bit of information you need to create your own killer ad.

Anstrex has, perhaps, the most pocket-friendly prices for its various packages. The company’s offers range from $39.99 for the standard subscription to $49.99 for the custom subscription and $59.99 for the ultimate subscription.

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