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Affiliate Marketing Publishers

Affiliate marketing publishers are owners of online affiliate marketing platforms that have an existing audience. These platforms can exist in many forms, including websites, mobile apps, social media accounts or as online influencers who have active YouTube channels.

Publishers can monetize their platforms by becoming affiliates and partnering up with advertisers in collaborating on promotional campaigns.

Who are our affiliates

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Who are our affiliates

Our affiliates are our affiliate marketing publishers. They are network members with a platform, seeking to monetize their traffic by advertising relevant products or services to their audience.

In our field, this means financial websites, influencers, blogs, educational publishers or otherwise related platforms with a considerable amount of engaged, high-quality traffic frequenting the space daily.

To ensure affiliates are vetted, nurtured and supported, ROI Collective employs a dedicated affiliate managers team trained to help affiliates set their goals, identify potential opportunities, overcome potential challenges, and choose suitable payment programs.

This team works in close synergy with the partners team to ensure the perfect match is made and that goals are being met on both sides of the partnership.

The power of ROI Collective

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The power of ROI Collective

ROI Collective combines cutting edge technology with the art of media and marketing to broker lucrative partnerships.

Our systems are programmed to make ideal matches between affiliates and advertisers to ensure that the goals of each side are met. ROI Collective's industry leading affiliate marketing technology sifts through countless data points and analyzes them in real-time to find precise areas of commonality nd synergy.

Using this system, our talented team tailors unique proposals for each party, leading to the creation of strong and profitable business partnerships based on a foundation of strong empirical data.

Advertisers can also benefit from our high-tech systems, with detailed dashboards that allow advertisers to proactively monitor their business coefficients, budgets, and campaign performance indicators.

Our systems are designed to facilitate the efficient transfer of information between advertisers and affiliates and create a seamless flow of data, allowing for the consistent optimization needed to keep conversion rates high.

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