How to build a Facebook Community How to build a Facebook Community

How to build a Facebook Community

Make your Facebook affiliate marketing performance skyrocket!

We are back to hunting our personal white whale, better known as Facebook. The social media titan can take your business much further than merely creating ad campaigns. It can also give quite the following, which in turn could lead to reaching more of your target audience – as well as some healthy conversion rates.

But how can you engage your target audience when there are a few million users on a single platform?

One of Facebook’s features is the group, where your potential leads can come together and build an online community under your guidance.

Get the best tips on how to create a thriving community on Facebook below!

Group vs. Business Page

Two parties having a tug-o-war Two parties having a tug-o-war

When approaching your target audience, you have two options on Facebook to create your platform: the business group or the Facebook group.

While a Facebook business page is nice, it lacks engagement when compared to the group.

A Facebook community (I.e., the group) is where you can directly engage with your target audience in posts and in the comment section with the added bonus of free exposure. Any person who follows your group is actively looking for your services. Your followers are also more inclined to interact with your posts as this setting type allows a more relaxed, less formal space.

Moving with Purpose

Green and white game plan Green and white game plan

Leads join groups that both discuss topics that interest them and offer a space where they can be around like-minded people. While your end goal is more than likely to increase your conversion rates and enjoy bigger payouts, that is not something we recommend leading with.

Your group should serve as a platform where your Facebook group members can find solutions to problems and seek the advice of more experienced members.

For example, if you are an affiliate who works in the online trading vertical, offer your followers signals, coverage of highly lucrative events, and tips on properly executing trading strategies. Giving your target audience this information is more likely to convert high-value traders than bombarding them with hard sale tactics.

Setting The Tone

Male and female icons circled in red Male and female icons circled in red

The tone of voice you use when addressing your target audience is yet another vital aspect of your marketing approach. If you choose to pretend as if you are this untouchable guru who is incapable of making mistakes, you are more likely to repel quality traffic than attract it.

Admitting past mistakes makes you come across as human and relatable. If done right, your target audience may even look at your current state of success as nothing short of inspirational.

In other words, showing how you may have fallen down and got back up again on your journey to success is a better sales tactic as your leads would be more willing to listen to someone who can teach from experience.

“Your group should serve as a platform where your Facebook group members can find solutions to problems and seek the advice of more experienced members.”

Be Diverse in Your Approach

Smaller piggy banks coming out of a larger one Smaller piggy banks coming out of a larger one

Your marketing strategy should be multi-faceted and diverse. Give your target audience added value in the form of short and to-the-point tips, in-depth guides, or webinars if you can dedicate the time to create them. There are many ways to enrich your target audience’s knowledge and get them hooked to your Facebook community.

Another highly effective way of engaging your potential leads is by creating relevant discussions. You can always share your personal experiences and invite them to share their own. An active group pops up more often on your leads’ news feed and helps you reach more of your target audience.

Your leads may also share the group with their friends if you can pique their interest and maintain it over time.

Quality Content Ahead

The final and perhaps one of the essential key elements of your Facebook community’s health is the content you post. You may be tempted to dump content at every opportunity, but that will not necessarily help you achieve your goals.

While producing diverse and eye-catching content and images will definitely grab your leads’ attention, you do not want to overdo it. Suffocating them with posts might push your target audience to either hide or leave your group altogether.

Instead, post once a day during the regular business days and hours maximum. For instance, if you are targeting the European market, make sure to post about 3 times a week during the work week around 11 am for maximum exposure.

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