The Best 4 Apps for Building Affiliate Websites The Best 4 Apps for Building Affiliate Websites

The Best 4 Apps for Building Affiliate Websites

Building a website for affiliate marketing becomes a no-brainer when you have the right app!

One of the very first steps you will take as an affiliate marketer is building a website or blog to target your niche market. If you know how to code, that can give you more freedom when designing your website. If you do not know how to design websites all on your own, there are still plenty of great options.

While hiring someone is always an option, there are apps that were created to help build your dream website quickly and easily.

Our in-house team of digital marketing experts chose their favorite apps that help you build websites without breaking a sweat.

Discover ROI Collective’s list of crowd favorite web building platforms below!


You can always find plenty of web designers to build your affiliate website on Fiverr

Fiverr offers a marketplace where you can get any service you can think of, basically. From web design to video design, translation into exotic languages, and transcription, you can find everything on one platform. Though this platform does not offer a DIY kind of experience, you are able to hand the entire project off to one or more vendors per their unique expertise.

This website also allows the clients to grade the sellers to tell which are the best ones to work with quickly. In other words, if over 700 people marked a vendor 4 out of 5 stars, you can rest assured that they are up to the task of building an affiliate website for you.

The standard turnover time differs from one project to another, but delivery times are quick and efficient for the most part. The account itself is free, and you can pay for services in US dollars, euros, or other currencies, depending on the vendors’ country of origin.


Building your website on Wix is as easy as drag-and-drop

Perhaps one of the most popular platforms for building websites is none other than Wix. The platform is a well-known place for those interested in creating their new website all by themselves – in the easiest way possible.

You have the option of using an existing template and adding different elements by selecting them from the various menus. You can then move them around by simply dragging and dropping them wherever you see fit.

Wix can help you save costs and avoid dealing with designers if all you are looking for is a simple website. The platform is user-friendly to the extreme, so there is little to no risk of you getting it wrong somehow.

The website design tool also comes with a straightforward how-to tutorial when you first board it, so you get some guidance before you hit the ground running.

“While hiring someone is always an option, there are apps that were created to help build your dream website quickly and easily”


This platform can do so much more than simply build blog sites

Yet another crowd favorite on our list is WordPress, which is best suited for content-based affiliate websites such as blogs or platforms that regularly feature articles like media or news sites. WordPress offers the best combo of power, flexibility, and being user-friendly – and website owners seem to agree as over 35% chose to build their sites on this platform.

You can choose your account type based on your project.

You can either go with a free account for a simple website or sign up for a self-hosted website if you want to create something more complex.

If you are already using WordPress, we strongly recommend that you try the Genesis Theme Framework or the Elementor Page Builder for that extra boost when adding new pages or redesigning existing pages on your website.


 'Old but gold' definitely comes to mind when you think of GoDaddy

An oldie but a goodie is GoDaddy, where you can build your website on their Websites + Marketing platform. This app offers hundreds of modern templates that look great and are also responsive to mobile as well as other handheld devices.

GoDaddy’s platform also takes it a few steps further by providing AI-based tips to improve your website’s overall performance. There are also built-in features that can help you tackle major aspects of your digital marketing plan such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social networking, etc.

Additionally, this platform further provides notifications in order to keep your website safe from unwanted cyber-attacks. While it works on the same principle as Wix’s website building app, a few features are difficult to ignore.

New website owners may be wary of using GoDaddy, thinking its days are long over. This company, on the other hand, makes sure to keep up with the trends and the needs and wants of its clientele.

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