Why is My Affiliate Marketing Facebook Page Always Blocked?

Why is My Affiliate Marketing Facebook Page Always Blocked?

Learn the top 5 reasons why your business account keeps getting blocked and how you can avoid being under Zuckerberg’s thumb!

Maintaining a Facebook page for your affiliate marketing platform can be quite tricky, as regulations change suddenly and rapidly. Even if your business model and verticals are entirely legitimate, you could easily find Mark Zuckerberg and his bots have decided to freeze your account for whatever reason. One small strike could land you a spot in the popular social media channel’s doghouse.

Looking to avoid getting your account constantly blocked?

Here are 5 reasons why your Facebook account might get blocked if you’re not careful!

Offensive Content

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Facebook may be the host for millions of users, all of which have different religious and political backgrounds, but it is very not openminded itself. Facebook’s regulations regarding +18 materials are stricter than ever and apply to texts or images that its algorithms may flag as too risqué to its liking.

These topics include any form of content that shows sexual language or imagery, racism, or anything that seems to incite violence. Encouraging less favorable behavior online will not make you an all-star on the social media app.

Be careful about the content you post online and be sure to separate your personal views from your business’ image. Your business Facebook page should be as neutral as possible.

Ignoring Your Clientele

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Are your clients complaining about your products or services on social media?

One thing you should not do is blatantly ignore them. Worse than deleting negative comments is outright acting as if they do not exist. Not only will your existing client base be disappointed, but potential leads might find themselves turned off by your customer service – or utter lack thereof.

Getting reported for spam or dishonest marketing techniques by enough people willing to flag you could land you in Facebook jail.

Additionally, getting that first-time deposit once your leads finally convert is only the first of many hurdles to come. Most brands put great emphasis on player value and are not interested in simply tossing traffic aside after one deposit. We recommend that you adopt the same attitude towards your target audience.

Overusing Automation Tools

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Sometimes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. While you should use automation tools on your campaigns to increase your performance-related click-through rate, engagement, and deposits, that does not mean you should go overboard.

Using only bots to ran your campaigns can actually make Facebook’s algorithm flag your activity as suspicious. It might also ban you for being a bot, which requires an entire process to disprove.

Carefully consider how you apply automation tools to your social media-based campaigns, and attempt to fly under Facebook’s sensitive radar as much as possible.

Disregarding Regulations

Regulatory changes can happen rapidly, and at times, unexpectedly. This statement becomes especially true when you are working within the financial verticals, as the overall industry has gone through significant changes over the past few years. The situation that has unfolded has delivered a chain of regulations and changes that have affected social media platforms.

If you are offering financial services promoting cryptocurrencies or trading them online, for example, uploading ads on your affiliate marketing Facebook page will get your affiliate channel shut down quicker than you can say Mary Poppins’ famous catchphrase.

Facebook may forgive, but It never forgets


If there is one thing you can count on is Facebook’s memory. If you have a past of posting content, written or visual, of something that crosses the social media platform’s red lines, you better believe it did not simply forget about your transgressions.

Depending on your behavior online, the social media titan will probably block your affiliate marketing Facebook page for 24 hours the first time. Given the severity of your future actions, your account may become permanently banned. This could hurt your campaigns, and you may find yourself unable to perform specific tasks even if you were not banned.

How do I retrieve My Account?

Use your leads’ emotions to increase your conversion rates

Suppose you have managed to get your business Facebook page unpublished by going against the platform’s policy. In that case, you will get an error message where you can hit the Appeal or Disagree with this decision button and dispute the situation.

Then, you will need to wait for Facebook’s final decision. If you can’t wait for long or Facebook has completely deleted your page, you can always try to recreate your business page.

Please note that you should take the time to consider where you might have gone wrong in order to avoid history repeating itself. Making the same mistakes over and over again is never in your best interest as an affiliate marketer, irregardless of Facebook’s strict rules.

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