Affiliates Listen Up: the US Election is Your Golden Opportunity to Increase Your Income

The US election is upon us and tensions are running high.

And if you thought it would all be over after November 3rd, think again: things are just getting started.

The 2020 US presidential race is, quite simply, the most high stakes national election we've seen in modern times.

So much rides on this, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the fate of the global economy, all the way to whether or not climate change efforts progress in the coming years.

And traders are watching the headlines like a hawk.

The thing is, the uncertainty surrounding all of these points will remain for quite a while, regardless of who emerges triumphant.

In fact, we may not even get to know who wins & until a few weeks after the election, given the unprecedented number of absentee votes and the current President's repeated attacks on the credibility of mail-in voting.

Not to mention that President Trump still hasn't committed to a peaceful transfer of power.

That means that should Biden win, we can't be entirely sure that he'll take office until the projected date of the inauguration on January 20th, 2021.

So what does all this translate to? Well, a whole lot more market volatility for at least the next 3 months.

Which incidentally, as an affiliate, happens to be your best friend.

When Knowledge Becomes the Safe Haven

Even on normal days when there isn't a fate-sealing election going on in the most powerful nation on earth, the Forex market is a $5 trillion a day industry.

When you add a bunch of loose cannons to the mix, like fluctuating polls/delayed vote counts, angry tweets, Congress stimulus bills, and a host of other global factors including Brexit and COVID, you get a cauldron of variables just bursting for people to speculate on.

In fact, historically, elections have been a significant catalyst for some of the world's greatest investors to place some of the largest trades of their careers.

Quite famously, & George Soros lost over $1 Billion & following the 2016 election, after he'd put his money on a Clinton win. All this while the stock market soared with historical gains following the surprise Republican victory.

It's a well known fact that in times of great uncertainty, investors turn to knowledge for safety and risk mitigation.

And with everything going on this time around, traders will, understandably, be living and breathing their research during the next few months.

So, with the VIX volatility index sitting at 28 & going into this election in comparison to 14 in 2016, and with a winner still far from being announced, you can be sure of one thing: traffic to all finance, stock, FX, and geopolitical news related websites will be monumental.

What This Means For You

If you're an affiliate with verticals remotely relevant to the FX/stock market industry, this is your time to join a network that works with respectable brokers who value good quality traffic, and pay top dollar for it. (Upwards of $100 per conversion, to be exact, and even more depending on trading volume)

You see, it's not just the seasoned traders who will flock to the internet for information. This election will attract countless other novice and occasional traders who will want a piece of the lucrative pie that is the aftermath of November 3rd.

These new investors will be on the hunt for a good broker who can give them access to the global market, And you need to make sure you have trusted partners at the ready, to convert customers beyond just the first time deposit.

This is the perfect opportunity to establish a good trail of income that will withstand the short-term US election bubble and earn you a long-term monetized visitor who truly believes in both you and your advertisers.

There is plenty of traffic to go around, inconceivable amounts, actually. And for your site to get a healthy slice of it, it's essential that you, as an affiliate, place yourself in the correct online spaces.

Quality partners are essential for your visitors during a time where everything else is uncertain. Your audience will want to know that, although nothing else is predictable, they can at least rely on you, the information you share, and the brokers you work with.

So don't think for a second that you've missed the boat, or that the moment to capitalize on the US election has passed you by now that it's election day.

It's only the beginning. And ROI collective has everything you need to make sure that you turn your traffic into long-lasting, repeat customers for both you and the well-renowned industry partners our network has to offer you.

For more information on optimizing your traffic and joining the ROI Collective network, contact us today.


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